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Gallery 3 - Irish Aero Club Training Aircraft

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Auster 5 Series J/1 Autocrat, EI-AMK, was to spend fifteen years working for Iona. Seen here in its original all-white livery at Iona 20 April 1968

Photograph courtesy Paul Cunniffe

Cessna 150E, EI-AOO, was the first Cessna registered to Iona and performed its first flight on 20 May 1965. It was also the first Cessna 150 to grace the Irish register. Photographed at Iona 22 August 1970

Photograph courtesy Paul Cunniffe

Cessna F150L, EI-AWE, photographed at Castlebridge, Co. Wexford, 23 September 1973. It was delivered 25 March 1973 and remained with Iona until 1 June 1977. It was the last aircraft registered in the name of the Irish Aero Club

Photograph courtesy Paul Cunniffe

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Cessna 182P, EI-BCL was delivered to Iona 20 January 1977. It was to serve the club for 17 years before sale to Frank Doherty in February 1994. Photographed in one of its several colour schemes.

Photograph courtesy Paul Cunniffe

Photographed on the Iona ramp on 22 March 1980, one week after Cessna F172N Skyhawk, EI-BIC, was delivered from France.

Photograph courtesy Paul Cunniffe

Iona's Cessna F152 EI-BIN holds the distinction of bearing Irish Certificate of Registration number 1,000. It arrived at Iona 31 March 1981 and was photographed 4 days later.

Photograph courtesy Paul Cunniffe

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Cessna F152-II, EI-BMN, arrived at Iona on 4 April 1982. It was photographed at Iona 8 days later. It was later repainted in the colour scheme of the Iona Flight Training School.

Photograph courtesy Paul Cunniffe



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